Time for an introduction, don’t you think?


What is frog Climbers?

Frog Climbers is a chaotic climbing game for up to two players. Players play as professional rock climber frogs, intent on reaching the top of the high mountain in order to gain rock climber glory. Only one frog gets the glory however, so it’s a race to the top using whatever means neccesary in order to become the most famous frog climber!

Who are TeamCrew?

We are a team of five game design students attending the game design education at Campus Gotland. We have been tasked with devbeloping a game in ten weeks, Frog Climbers is the result of that. TeamCrew consists of the following members:

Semih Parlayan – Lead programmer

Emil Elthammar – Lead Sound (also programming)

Charlie Eliasson – Lead Tech (also art)

André Bengtsson – Lead Art

Sebastian Larsson – Game Designer (also art)

Who are YOU?

I am Sebastian, and I will be updating you at the end of every week on the status of Frog Climbers from now on! Stay tuned for more info on the game and a view into the development of Frog Climbers!

Until next time!


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