Frog Climbers 1.5 update!

Hi climbers!

It’s time for a content update. We’re so busy pumping out new stuff that we forget to tell you about the new stuff! Frog Climbers version 1.5 was finally finished a while back after a lot of saturdays and late nights.

Frog Climbers is quickly approaching a state of near completion, and we are aiming to release the game on Steam soon. I’ll get back to you with more news on that, but until then, here are the new features of Frog Climbers 1.5!

New mountain types!

Previously we had about 20 mountain blocks that the game randomizes between. Now we have over 60. On top of that the player can now generate mountains of different difficulties so you can pick the mountain which suits you the best.


You can choose to generate classic, hard or wheel mountains.

Classic mountains
are not too crazy but still challenging. These are the old mountains, unchanged from the previous versions. These are particulary good for new players as they are designed to be relatively easy and features no flying blocks.

Hard mountains are filled with spikes and warnings from less fortunate frogs who has met their demise. There are also floating islands everywhere, connected by vines you get to climb. 

Wheel mountains (also called Hjulafton for you Swedes) are mountains absolutely filled to the brim with wheels. This makes for pretty crazy matches with multiple frogs constantly flailing about. It’s a good time!



Hard mountain concept drawing


Modifiers are extra layers of rules that lie on top of the base game; like toppings on a sandwich. Some examples;

Low gravity – Turns down the gravity, making the game a bit easier and floatier! In short – more freedom! 

King of the Hill – This modifier gives the leading player points
every other seconds. At the end of the race, the frog with the most
points wins the race – not neccesairily the frog who grabs the top grip.

One armed – This one’s for the true frog ninjas out there. You only get one arm, forcing you to grab-jump to progress. Kinda like jumping on one leg, except upwards. 

You can freely turn any modifier on and off independently of what mountain you’re climbing and what other modifiers you have. This way you can customize your climbing experience to suit your particular requirements.


Modifier icons! Try to guess what they are 😉 

Beyond that we’ve updated our top menu to be a bit sexier, added a credits screen, a pause menu, and a new character called Upside down frog pictured below. 


Keep your eyes on this space for more updates and devlogs. Until then, take care!



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