Frog Climbers is going to Gamescom!

Hi Climbers!

As it turns out, Frog Climbers is going to Gamescom!  Gamescom is one of the biggest gaming conventions around, needless to day we are very humbled and excited to show the game to the world and hear what the masses think. The game will have a booth at the Indie Arena Booth in hall 10.1.

Here is a list of all the indie games that will be featured at the Indie Arena Booth.

Accurate showcase of what you could be doing @ gamescom

We are also hosting Frog Climbers tournaments at Gamescom.  Emerge victorious to win free copies of the game and more. We are still figuring out the specifics, but rest assured there will be climbing, chaos, and free stuff at the Frog Climbers booth from the 17th to the21th of August.


Me (Sebastian) and André will be present at the booth all throughout the week to oversee the climbing chaos. Hope to see you there!


Go to for more information!


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