Steam page and fresh trailer!

Hi Climbers!

A quick blogpost to tell you that Frog Climbers now has a Steam page! Check it out to view our freshly baked trailer, or to add it to your wishlist. You’ll be notified by Steam when the game launches if you decide to do so.

Follow this link to go to the Steam Page!

There’s a lot of things happening at once as we get closer to release, so keep in touch in the upcoming weeks! 🙂

Lastly, please enjoy our freshly baked trailer if you have not done so already


Keep on climbing


The Daily Mountain

Hi climbers!

Lately we’ve been tinkering with a new feature. Up until recently Frog Climbers has been strictly for friends and enemies who likes to play together – that is about to change!

The Daily Mountain feature is designed for all of you lonely climbers out there who prefers to battle the mountain rather than your friends. Here’s how it works;daily mountain expSince the mountain is refreshed every day, you will have a stream of daily content to conquer. We’re very pleased to add this speedrunning aspect to the game and have had a lot of fun battling each other while beta testing the daily mountain. Hope you’ll like it too!


> For more info, visit

Frog Climbers is going to Gamescom!

Hi Climbers!

As it turns out, Frog Climbers is going to Gamescom!  Gamescom is one of the biggest gaming conventions around, needless to day we are very humbled and excited to show the game to the world and hear what the masses think. The game will have a booth at the Indie Arena Booth in hall 10.1.

Here is a list of all the indie games that will be featured at the Indie Arena Booth.

Accurate showcase of what you could be doing @ gamescom

We are also hosting Frog Climbers tournaments at Gamescom.  Emerge victorious to win free copies of the game and more. We are still figuring out the specifics, but rest assured there will be climbing, chaos, and free stuff at the Frog Climbers booth from the 17th to the21th of August.


Me (Sebastian) and André will be present at the booth all throughout the week to oversee the climbing chaos. Hope to see you there!


Go to for more information!

Frog Climbers 1.5 update!

Hi climbers!

It’s time for a content update. We’re so busy pumping out new stuff that we forget to tell you about the new stuff! Frog Climbers version 1.5 was finally finished a while back after a lot of saturdays and late nights.

Frog Climbers is quickly approaching a state of near completion, and we are aiming to release the game on Steam soon. I’ll get back to you with more news on that, but until then, here are the new features of Frog Climbers 1.5!

New mountain types!

Previously we had about 20 mountain blocks that the game randomizes between. Now we have over 60. On top of that the player can now generate mountains of different difficulties so you can pick the mountain which suits you the best.


You can choose to generate classic, hard or wheel mountains.

Classic mountains
are not too crazy but still challenging. These are the old mountains, unchanged from the previous versions. These are particulary good for new players as they are designed to be relatively easy and features no flying blocks.

Hard mountains are filled with spikes and warnings from less fortunate frogs who has met their demise. There are also floating islands everywhere, connected by vines you get to climb. 

Wheel mountains (also called Hjulafton for you Swedes) are mountains absolutely filled to the brim with wheels. This makes for pretty crazy matches with multiple frogs constantly flailing about. It’s a good time!



Hard mountain concept drawing


Modifiers are extra layers of rules that lie on top of the base game; like toppings on a sandwich. Some examples;

Low gravity – Turns down the gravity, making the game a bit easier and floatier! In short – more freedom! 

King of the Hill – This modifier gives the leading player points
every other seconds. At the end of the race, the frog with the most
points wins the race – not neccesairily the frog who grabs the top grip.

One armed – This one’s for the true frog ninjas out there. You only get one arm, forcing you to grab-jump to progress. Kinda like jumping on one leg, except upwards. 

You can freely turn any modifier on and off independently of what mountain you’re climbing and what other modifiers you have. This way you can customize your climbing experience to suit your particular requirements.


Modifier icons! Try to guess what they are 😉 

Beyond that we’ve updated our top menu to be a bit sexier, added a credits screen, a pause menu, and a new character called Upside down frog pictured below. 


Keep your eyes on this space for more updates and devlogs. Until then, take care!


Frog Climbers is spreading to other continents!


We are in the middle of finishing up a new stable build featuring a whole set of new levels and gameplay to really spice the game up. We have new block formations, new block visuals to make each block more unique, as well as a couple of bug fixes.

I will be posting some more info on this version once it is ready. In the meantime, we are nominated for some things!

First off, Frog Climbers is a finalist at Sense Of Wonder Night at Tokyo Game Show. It is a show dedicated to innovative games designed to create a “sense of wonder”. We will have two representatives at Tokyo Game Show. Visit to play the game, and watch the presentation of the game which will be held on Friday the 18th of September.

Check out our entry along with the other nominees !

Frog Climbers has also been nominated at the Unity Awards as best student project. Very exciting stuff! We will be attending, so contact us if you’d like to hang out in Boston.

So many blocks! 🙂

We are climbing to Gamescom!


Today, two TeamCrew representatives (Sebastian & André) will be flying over to Köln in Germany to represent Frog Climbers at Gamescom. It is very exciting and a bit daunting.

If you’d like to meet up at Gamescom (or just want to say hi!), send a mail to and we’ll get back to you ASAP! Until next time! 🙂


Let’s plays!

As a reward for winning the Gamer’s Choice cathegory at the Swedish Game Awards, a selection of Swedish youtubers have played the game’s vertical slice and are uploading videos of their experiences.

So far two videos have been uploaded, with more to come. Tune in below for some excellent multiplayer action from ArgaSkånskaMän 🙂

or check out MrSmutsens breakdown on the current single player mode, with feedback and thoughts on the controls.

2nd production phase and screenshots!


We have now entered our second phase of production, where we aim to make the mountains more varied with different rock formations, a new set of climbable objects (spinning grips, anyone?) and new cosmetic details to spice them up further.

Keep your eyes on this space for weekly updates on the state of the game. Meanwhile, have a look at some fresh screenshots!

1 2 3_anger_death 4 5

We won some more things!


Recently, the Swedish Game Award winners were revealed. The Swedish game awards is an annual game contest open to students. Frog Climbers was nominated for the Best execution in design award and the Game of the Year award.

Frog Climbers won the Best execution in design award, and the Gamer’s choice award! Thanks to everyone who tried the game at SGA, and thanks to the Swedish Game Awards jury for the love! We are very humbled and happy!

Lastly, congratulations to Adventure on Clover Island for winning the Game of the Year award, well deserved!

Here is a photo of TeamCrew holding prizes. From left to right;
Charlie, Sebastian, André, Semih (slightly photoshopped due to being on vacation when the photo was taken), Emil

4/5 TeamCrew members!